Membership Fees

There are 3 curling options once you are in a league:

  1. Pay the full-playing membership fee which allows you to curl in any gender specific leagues.
  2. "Pay as you Play" by paying a Base Fee plus a fee for each league you curl in (exceptions noted below).
  3. Other categories.

The complete fee structure is shown on the Membership application form.The rest of this page explains the details of the fees.

Fifth-Player / Spare / Practice

The Fifth-Player / Spare / Practice category consists of the payment as listed in Category 3 plus the CEA Capital Expenditure Assessment. This membership confers sparing privileges for all regular leagues at the club (not rentals). A member in this category can spare up to 3 times each for any team in any regular league. Additionally, the member can spare an unlimited number of times as a fifth player for one team in one regular league as long as that team is already made up of at least 4 fully paid members. The Spare Membership fee is the same whether it is purchased in the fall or the winter.  It is not meant to be a route to a cheap season where someone spares three times as a non-member before Christmas and then asks to pay ½ price for the winter to become a Spare Member, as that would not be fair to other club members.


Students (with a valid student ID) pay 80% of the fees on category 1. and 2., with the exception of the OCA fee, which must be paid in full.

Capital Expenditure Assessment (CEA)

To help the Ottawa Curling Club maintain and improve its building and facilities on both sides of the glass, a CEA of $64.60, plus HST, will be charged annually to all members. Social members are exempt from the CEA.

Social Members

The Social membership fee is $104 (with taxes). Social members are not Class B Preference shareholders.

Payment of Fees

Two installment plans are available for curling memberships (except the Fifth-Player / Spare/Practice category), payable by post-dated cheques or by pre-authorized credit card payment.

With the early-payment plan, 4 payments are made June 1 through September 1; under the deferred-payment plan, 4 payments are made September 1 through December 1. The amount of each payment equals one-quarter of total fees due. A $10.00 carrying charge is assessed for the deferred-payment plan.

Fees are due in full (including post-dated cheques under the deferred-payment plan) by October 15, and can be paid by cheque, VISA, MasterCard, or Interac. After November 1, a late-payment penalty of $50.00 will be assessed. Club privileges may be suspended for any member who has not paid fees in full, or has not submitted post-dated cheques under the deferred-payment plan, by October 1st. There will be a $25.00 handling charge for NSF checks.

All regular leagues must have 4 fully paid members on each team by the fee payment deadline. Any team without 4 fully paid members may continue to play, but games will be posted as a loss until such time as 4 pid memebrships are received.

Membership Renewal/Application Form

The OCC has provided a renewal/application form that can be completed online and submitted electronically, with payment of fees by cheque, cash, debit card, credit card and on-line payment. Please ensure that the form is completed fully and the correct fees are calculated.

As well, if you wish to take advantage of either installment plan, be sure to indicate which plan and the method of payment. For post-dated cheques, calculate the amount for each cheque (first including the $10.00 carrying charge for the deferred-payment plan, if applicable).

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