League Sign Up Policy

The popularity of our prime time leagues has necessitated a sign-up policy that is fair to everyone. Please follow the procedures below to afford you the best chance of playing in the league(s) you wish.

This policy defines a team to be four players only.

Deadline for team signup: June 7th 2019.

Follow these steps:

  • Fill out a Team Registration form, available online. Completed forms with 1 team member's payment of his/her membership fee are to be left at the bar or completed on-line. A list will be maintained on the web site for teams looking for individuals and individuals looking for teams.
  • Fill out a Membership Application form, available at the club and online.
  • The individual signing up a team must have his/her payment of membership fees and membership application submitted with the team sign up form. Individual's can only pay their fee for 1 team on 1 evening. If this person plays on another team on another evening then another member of that second team must pay his/her membership fee. All post dated cheques submitted with the sign up form must be marked no later than the date listed above.

Sign up Deadline

  • The deadline for signing up teams in all leagues has been set as the date above. Teams signing up late (after the date noted above) will be ranked based on a points system.

Points System Applied

  • The Match Committee will use an expanded points system in their consideration of teams who have applied to curl in the upcoming season. While final decisions will rest heavily on the discretion of the Match Committee, the following will be taken into consideration.
    • Returning league team
    • Payment of membership in full (no post dated cheques after the date noted above)
    • Returning OCC member
    • Returning league member
    • Team wanting to switch (but not add) leagues
    • Longevity and activity as an OCC member

If any OCC league is over-subscribed for 2019-2020, the policy to be accepted into any evening league (Mon-Fri) is as follows:

  • All four registered players from a specific league in 2018-2019 returning to that same league – automatic entry
  • Three of four registered players from a specific league in 2018-2019 returning to that same league – automatic entry
  • Point system for new teams for 2019-2020:
    • Three (3) points per player if a registered member of that same league in 2018-2019
    • Two (2) points per player if a registered player in any other OCC league
    • One (1) point per player for any new member
    • The points are totalled and the higher ranked teams get accepted until the league is full.

Finally, any team signed up for 2019-2020, must also adhere to the OCC's sign-up policy as to deadline June 7, 2019 and payment of fees. (One team member must pay in full to hold the spot)

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