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Brent Hardy
brent.f.hardy@gmail.com (204) 330-9734
MON       FRI    
Comments: I am a Manitoban new to Ottawa. I have been a regular curler from a young age but have been away from the sport for a couple years and would like to get back into it in the 2018/19 season. I am interested in the Monday Night Ladder League or the Friday Night Mixed. Open to playing any position, but have the most experience playing front end.

Stephen Markey
stephenmarkey@live.com (613) 697-1997
(613) 236-8880
Comments: Looking to join the front end of a Thursday evening Mens team for the coming 2018-2019 season. Happy to play either lead or second. Play also in Teachers league and Daytime league at OCC.

Dominique Surprenant
dominiquesxoxo@hotmail.com (613) 852-2168
MON TUE          
Comments: I am just graduating from GSL looking for Monday night and Tuesday ladies.
Would prefer to play front end

Carolina Ilkow
cilkow@ualberta.ca (613) 261-5447
MON TUE          
Comments: I have been curling for three years and I have just graduated from the GSL. I also played in the mixed league for two years.

Laura Salisbury
laura.salisbury@carleton.ca (613) 853-8079
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: This will be my 3rd year curling, after two years in GSL. Would prefer lead

David Coffey
coffeyd1987@gmail.com (613) 608-2715
MON   WED        
Comments: I am looking to join either a Wednesday or Monday night team this season. This will be my 21st year curling. I have skipped in the cash league for the past three seasons. Looking to relinquish the pressure of skipping in Cash and join a solid team that will not be stuck at the 9pm draw for a lot of the season.

Dimitri Jean-Paul
Dimitri_jean-Paul_85@hotmail.com (581) 222-0893
Comments: I m deaf and a black man . Looking a new to join the cash league since I want to play in my dream and i play my experience 10 years in my rĂ´le favourite is second . My passion is very competitive curling game .

Kelvin Chan
kelvinc@gmail.com (613) 808-0632
    WED THU   SAT  
Comments: Three years experience (front end, mostly second)

Looking mostly at front (or back end for a novice team)

Katie Bowman
katiefbowman@gmail.com (613) 899-3769
(877) 899-3769
    WED   FRI    
Comments: Looking to join a mixed team! I have 10 years of experience and have played competitively throughout high school and at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. Happy to play any position and am looking forward to meeting new people as I am new to Ottawa.

Jessica Wilson
jeswil068@hotmail.com (613) 261-4586
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: I'm a Getting Started league graduate with 3 years experience. For the past couple years I've played lead in Friday Mixed for B-C teams.

I'm not competitive by nature, but enjoy curling.

Looking to play Tuesday Women's and/or Friday Mixed as Lead or Second.

Radmila Duncan
duncan1216@rogers.com (819) 654-3249
(613) 422-2786
  TUE WED        
Comments: I'm looking to play Tuesday Women's and/or a spare on a mixed league. I've played for 2 years at the Navan Curling Club as a 3rd, but can also play lead or second.

Jim Littlewood
Jim.Littlewood@live.com (613) 407-0347
Comments: I am a four year member friom RCC and would like to join a league that is able to provide some instruction to further my abilities and understanding of curling. Most of my experience has been in mixed leagues but I would like to take the next step in order to improve my skill set. A semi competetive learning environment would be ideal. I have played mostly as vice but on occasion was called on to move up to third when regular thirds were absent.

Chris Fliesser
chrisfliesser@gmail.com (613) 404-2623
(613) 794-8770
MON   WED        
Comments: I recently moved back to Ottawa and am looking to play Wednesday cash or Monday Ladder.

I have curled for 10 years now and can play any position, front end preferred on a competitive team.


Scott Macdonald
scottdmacd@gmail.com (613) 295-5799
Comments: Looking to join a team on Wednesday, can play 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I have curled for 5 years and skip a Saturday morning team at the OCC. I can also join as a 5th player on your team if you are looking to expand your roster to cover the times you're short a player.Thanks!

Joshua Carr
joshncarr@dal.ca (506) 364-7503
Comments: New to Ottawa and looking to join a fun league. I have 14 years experience curling in both front-end and back-end positions but am not looking to get into anything overly competitive.

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