Saturday Open

Dates: Every Saturday morning

Times: 9:00 and 11:15 am

Convenor: John Whitaker

Format and Rules:

  • Recreational Open league
  • Fixed-rink entries (often with a fifth player), but single curlers can usually be accommodated (experienced or otherwise).
  • A league fee contributes to the Turkey Bonspiel at Christmas, the year-end closing banquet, and league prizes.
  • One round-robin for the regular season; i.e., each team plays all other teams (number of games permitting).
  • Results of games: Are to be recorded on the score sheet with ties being permitted.
  • 2 points awarded for a win, 1 point awarded for a tie, 0 for loss.
  • Any defaulted game will be a win for the non offending team.
  • Rankings for playoffs: To break ties, the tied teams are ranked by applying the following rules in order until one tie is broken. If a one or more ties remain, the rules are applied to each tie starting from rule 1. The process continues until all ties are broken and all teams are ranked.

    1.       Most wins
    2.       Head-to-head
    3.       The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs.
    4.       Best record against common teams from the top 8
    5.       Coin toss

  • Play-offs after the regular season determine the league champions, who are awarded the Terry Lamb Memorial Shield.
  • Last end: At 10:35AM and 12:50 PM teams are allowed to finish the end they are in and play one more.
  • Ties: are permitted and are scored with a single point for each team.
  • Spares: must play front-end unless they already play in the Saturday Morning League. All skips are to declare their spares and position to the opposing Skip before the beginning of the game. Two team members must be present for a game to count or a default is posted.
  • See also: Club Rules for the general club rules that apply to this league.

Club Championship:

Information is located at the bottom of the Leagues page found under the CURLING tab.

Travelers Championship:

Information is located at the bottom of the Leagues page found under the CURLING tab.

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