Mixed League

Dates: Every Friday night

Times: Friday 7 and 9 pm

Convenor: Pamela Ponic

Format and Rules:

  • Teams are seeded in the Fall so that novices play novices and the better teams play each other
  • Run as a ladder with six teams per section and teams moving up or down after each round robin (5 games)
  • 20 game season - 4 rounds of 5 games each
  • Every effort is made to see that individuals and couples are able to find a team
  • Winners - Please record your Win and your opposition's loss using "W + Point Differential" and "L - Point Differential"
  • Standings per round determined as follows: 3 points for a win (regardless of how you win); 1 point for a loss (game played); 0 points for a loss by default.
  • If 2 of more teams are tied: head-to-head results first, then point differential
  • At the end of Game 20 - Team A1 is declared the League Champion, and is awarded the Johannsen Shield
  • Last end: At 8:35 PM teams are allowed to finish the end they are in and play one more.
  • Ties: Decided by skip's rocks with sweeping and recorded as "W + 0" and "L - 0"
  • Defaults: Recorded by "W + D" and "L - D"
  • Spares: Unlimited substitution is allowed to encourage games to be played at scheduled times. The team must remain mixed with spares, and play in a mixed alignment; male spares for male players and female spares for female players.
  • See also: Club Rules for the general club rules that apply to this league.

Club Championship:

Information is located at the bottom of the Leagues page found under the CURLING tab on the Home Page.

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